What you will get from this 21 Days Fun, Healthy Transformation Program

A reasonable, realistic and successful fat loss goal can be achieved by eating fewer calories, nutritionally-balanced eating plan, regular physical activity and a behavioral change to help you stay on track.

Our 21 Days Fun, Healthy Transformation Challenge helps you to do just that!

Healthy Meals and Guide

We include partial meal replacement program that includes daily healthy, nutritious breakfast, together with an easy-to-follow meal and snack guide list.

Exercise Plan

You’ll have access to a month of unlimited group workout sessions at Punggol, or do some form of simply activity at your own time and place.

Positive Mindset

Get knowledge on valuable health, fitness and wellness information to set your mindset in the right direction.

1-on-1 Coaching

You will get personal and exclusive communication via Whatsapp and phone call from a live Coach.

Supportive Community

You will get exclusive access to highly positive environment and events with people who will inspire and motivate you to the next level.

Body Analysis

You will get body composition analysis so you can effectively target and work towards your results.

Results Matters!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Jennifer Chua


How do I know that I am improving?

You will be getting an activity handbook that guides you step by step on your daily routine to keep track on your transformation journey.

Are You Losing The Right Weight?

Check Out Our Happy Participants

More great tips and step-by-step guidance when you start our 21 Days Fun, Healthy Transformation Challenge!

Real people with real results

If they can do it, so can you!


Here's how it all got started.

Terence Tan

In the year 2010, Terence had gained an excess weight of over 8KG due to sedentary lifestyle. Even though he appeared to be 4 months ‘pregnant’, he thought nothing of it. Not until his lovely wife needed a desperate solution to lose her weight after their first born child.

Terence proceeded to search tirelessly for an answer. With the help of this step-by-step exercise and nutrition program, he has lost 7KG of weight, 3 inches off his waist and 3.2% body fat loss in 1 month and inspired his wife loss a total of 16KG in 8 months!

Today, Terence is a fun, energetic and passionate Zumba® Fitness Instructor with over 5 years’ experience and a Master Coach at Singapore Fit Club. Holds passion for total fitness and overall well-being.
His mission is to create a healthier and happier community and wants to leave the World better when he found it.

He is also a certified PA Trainer and holds Standard First Aid and AED licenses. Zumba® Fitness and Fit Club has allowed Terence the opportunity to share his love of dance and fitness to a wider range of people and given him the freedom to educate people how to manage their weight, relieve stress with proper guidance in fitness, nutrition and positive mindset.

He can be seen at various public corporate events, community clubs and public functions all over Singapore.

Let Coach Terence help you today!

Are You Ready To Lose Fats And Get Confidence With Us?

Let’s get started as soon as possible!

Once you are ready to get started, Coach Terence will contact you via phone or Whatsapp to arrange for a quick consultation.

$SGD 996.00 $SGD 188.00

if you inquire and purchase now.

*21 Days Fun, Healthy Transformation Challenge is only available in Singapore and selected countries.

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